Learning by Doing…

Since starting this blog — my first —  in February 2012, I have learned by doing. For a few months early on, I worked on it daily. Then for the next six months, I forgot about it. On the first day of 2014, I checked in again and decided it needed a face lift. People from over 70 countries have viewed this blog, for reasons largely unknown to me. Is it because of Alice? Or, more likely, is it because of the people she knew? Her network was huge, extending from New York to Paris to Palm Beach to Weston, Connecticut, where I discovered her.

I’ve corresponded with several people who knew Alice, including those who worked for her at her various homes. How much more will I find out about Alice, called “a reclusive lesbian arts patron”?

I’ve probably mined all the information about Alice that she wished to have known. More important, for me, are the paths she led me on. Oh, the places I saw! And oh, the people I met! Alice has introduced me to people like Eyre De Lanux, and an article about her appeared in the Weston Magazine Group. And all those “society women” in Alice’s circle, the ones like Anne Morgan who went off to France in World War I to drive ambulances (“The Heiress Corps” article) — how much they have given me in terms of ideas for stories. Such rich lives, literally and figuratively. They have enriched mine, and I hope, the lives of others who follow this blog and read my articles.