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Alice De Lamar (1895-1983) lived in Weston, Connecticut, for over 50 years, starting around 1930 when she built Stone Brook on Norfield Road, until her death at Norwalk Hospital in 1983.

Few in Weston today know much about Alice De Lamar, but they know the beautiful house with distinctive blue shutters.

The blog was created to help preserve the legacy of a remarkable woman who made Weston her home and supported some of the greatest figures in 20th century arts.


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  1. I worked for Alice De Lamar, and would like to know how I can get a copy of the magazine with the artical about her. I leave in Florida and did try to get a copy. Needless, to say it is not sold here.

  2. I came across Alice De Lamar while conducting research on the South African painter Christo Coetzee, who was good friends with Aileen Hennessy when he was in Paris in the 50s and 60s.

    Coetzee’s widow said he spoke fondly of Aileen’s gatherings at her apartment, and it seems likely that he also befriended Alice during this period. Has anyone come across evidence that the two might have known each other? Does anyone know what happened to Alice’s art collection?

    • In April 1984 Phillips auctioneers in NYC announced the sale of painting from the estate of Alice De Lamar. I believe that this firm is now called Phillips de Mury. Perhaps you could contact them about the contents of this sale.

      I have a copy of Alice De Lamar’s will (Westport, CT). She left her Paris apartment to Aileen Hennessy as you probably know. I haven’t been able to find out much about Aileen, other than she is the “cognac heiress.”

      A woman who hopes to write a book about Alice (see her article on my blog) has unearthed a few people who remember Alice, but there are few left.

      Hope this helps!

      • Phillips lost the catalogue of the sale of her estate, which took place on April 11, 1984. I managed to to acquire a copy from a book dealer. Unfortunately my scan of the catalogue is too large to distribute via email, but if you would like to download it, please contact me via email and I will provide a link to an online folder.

    • Hi Raymond,

      I am working on a provenance research project for a work of art that I believe was in Alice’s art collection around the time that she died. I noticed in your reply below (submitted about a year ago) that you were able to locate the Philips catalog from the auction of her collections which took place on April 11, 1984. My research would greatly benefit from this document. Is there any way you still have access to this information? If so, are you able to share it over the internet? Thank you so much for all of your help!

  3. oops… here is the correct name!!!

    NEW YORKApril 26, 2010
    Auction House Turf War Comes to Midtown
    Phillips de Pury’s New Salesroom Arrives on Park Avenue With an Eye on Rivals’ Clients

    In a bid for the blue-chip art business dominated by rivals Sotheby’s and Christie’s, auction house Phillips de Pury & Co. is expanding to Midtown.

    Phillips, the world’s third-largest auction house for contemporary art, has signed a lease for 25,559 square feet of space at 450 Park Ave., where by October it will open a three-floor secondary salesroom featuring skyboxes for premium clients. It will maintain its current property in the Meatpacking District.

  4. I worked at Stone Brook after Ms. De Lamar passed. I found it interesting to hear “stories of the past” from the elders that were there while De Lamar was alive. What a beautiful landscape of the property,rolling hills,flat wind blown grasses,assortment of flowers,vegetable gardens and trees. Plenty of fresh water as a rescource also.
    I have many pictures. I am very gratefull to have worked there!

  5. Alice de Lamar was a great friend of fashion designer Sonia Colefax, the mother of a friend of mine. I would be happy to put you or the potential de Lamar biographer in touch with him. Would also like to get in touch with the biographer myself, for information about Isabelle Kemp, who knew Alice also.

  6. All of these comments and the blog are so interesting to me because we lived in a house of her friend Mary Benson for 5 years and went to grade school up the hill across Weston Rd,, Horace C. Hurlbutt Jr. School. We also, my brothers and I, stole onto her property once and swam in her marvelous cinematic swimming pool (were reported to parents, never did it again, alas).

  7. My grandmother, Marthe Rech worked for her for over 30 years. I used to visit the house where she housed her friend Mrs. Murphy which was the two story house next to the small dam. Her friends would be kept at several of the homes she owned there at that time (circa the 50’s and 60″s). We would take walks with her down the lane to her home where we would go swimming. She was of course rumored to be a lesbian of which no one spoke of at the time. I know during the winter she would go down to her home in Palm Beach. She used to talk about her grandfather(?) who was a blockade runner during the civil war.

  8. does anyone know if Alice was a collector of Jackson Pollock? I understand that she was good friends with Betty Parsons and her then assistant Richard Adams Romney

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