Searching for Alice

Unknown-1There are few people living in Weston today (2014) who remember Alice De Lamar.

Eve Chevalier, the daughter of Alice’s great friend Edith Taylor, still lives in a house adjacent to Stone Brook, Alice’s house. She was very close to Alice, naming her own daughter, Alice Chevalier, after Alice De Lamar.

During Alice De Lamar’s final days, Eve Chevalier drove her everywhere. There are stories about how Alice would direct Eve to stop the car so she could pick flowers along the road. An avid gardener, Alice won awards as a young woman for her flowers. Below is a watercolor of Alice’s rose garden painted by Jane Peterson.

Paul Beekman Taylor, the brother of Eve Chevalier, recently confirmed on a web site that his sister is alive and well. “My sister, Eve Chevalier, is the last surviving child of Gurdjieff (born 1928). She is in fine condition.”

Reijo, Switzerland
added 2010-07-30

Taylor, Paul Beekman

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