An Alice-Subsidized Book

Florida Architecture of Addison Mizner.
 Introduction by Ida M. Tarbell. One Hundred and Eighty-five Illustrations. Privately Printed, 1928. Colophon: Edicion imperial. One hundred copies of this edition, the text which is on Van Gelden mould made paper, have been printed for subscribers, of which this is number 61.

As Mizner’s career ebbed after the collapse of the plans for the city of Boca Raton, his friends rallied around him to promote his work and help him obtain commissions. It was thought that a book illustrating his work would renew interest. The book was first issued in a limited signed edition, later followed by a trade edition. It was signed by Addison Mizner and a foreword was written by Paris Singer. The photographs were taken by Frank E. Geisler and were reproduced in rotogravure by the Art Gravure Corporation.

The cost of the book was subsidized by Alice De Lamar, a close friend of Mizner’s nephew Horace Chase. She edited the book and even drove Geisler to the building locations to take the photographs. The book contains 185 photographs which artistically capture the timeless beauty of Addison Mizner’s architectural work.


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