Balanchine’s Best Platonic Woman Friend


One of Alice’s closest friends during her years in Weston was the Russian-born Lucia Davidova. Through Lucia, Alice became friendly with other Russian emigres, such as Vladimir Nabokov, who visited Alice in Weston often, bringing along his butterfly net. In fact, Nabokov made few new friends among the Russians in America; Lucia Davidov was the exception.

Lucia Davidova knew George Balanchine well, and it is likely that she introduced him to Alice, who later sold him land cheaply in Weston.

imagehandler-1.phpLucia described herself as Balanchine’s “best platonic woman friend.” The two met immediately after his arrival in America, and they were friends until his death 50 years later. She was present at every performance, and even at classes and rehearsals; he trusted her and confided in her, believing she understood him unlike any other.

Davidova was also a friend of Igor Stravinsky,the Russian-born American composer who identified himself as an “inventor of music.” The novelty, power, and elegance of his works won him worldwide admiration.

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Davidova  translated a book of letters between Stravinsky and his wife Vera from Russian to English.

Autograph Musical Quotation Inscribed and Signed by Igor Stravinsky, to his friend and translator Lucia Davidova, 1952 ($2,000 to $3,000).

Igor Stravinsky

ca. 1935

                                                          By Edward Weston

                                              Smithsonian American Art Museum


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