Palm Beach, Florida

Alice had been spending her winters in Palm Beach, Florida with her father, starting in 1915. When he died in 1918, she was eager to build a house of her own. In 1920 she rented a house on Sunset Avenue, near the water. That same year she met the architect Addison Mizner, and she became one of his biggest supporters, helping him financially when he went through hard times and paying for a book on his work.

All of Alice’s houses seemed to be a response to the huge, cavernous, cold spaces of her father’s homes. Her houses, including Stone Brook in Weston, CT, tend to have small, intimate rooms, at times claustrophobic.

Most important to Alice was the setting, and in Palm Beach, the land  she ultimately bought on the water on South Ocean Boulevard was stunning. “I have the most expensive piece of sand dunes,” she said.

The house that Mizner designed for Alice was demolished in 1983, the year of her death. Before she died, she de-designated her South Ocean Boulevard house, thus allowing its demolition. Landmarks Commissioners opined “distaste for the small random interiors,” and portrayed the house as “too small and personal.”



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