When her father died in 1918, Alice inherited his Glen Cove mansion, Pembroke.

The estate included a palm court with a cave and a waterfall,  stained-glass windows designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, a 70-foot-high water tower with an elevator leading to a teahouse, and an indoor tennis court.

After she sold her father’s mansion on Madison Avenue in New York City, Alice turned her attention to unloading the over-the-top, ostentatious Pembroke. She sold the estate in 1920 to Marcus Loew, who by that time had founded the Loew’a theater chain.

Pembroke was demolished  and is now the Legend Yacht and Beach Club. The water tower and stables remain.

Click on the link below for an amazingly detailed and fascinating account of Pembroke:



  1. It was torn down in 1968. My mother ( Jacqueline G Loew ) was Arthur M Loews third wife & I was lucky enough to live at the estate until his passing in 1977. It was quite a place to live although we didn’t live in the mansion house.

  2. I had walked down there like 1971…I was three…I was with my German Shepherd…I lived on Woolsey. Spent a lot of time hanging out on the grounds over the years growing up.Had to be careful the caretaker didn’t see you…he would chase you out on his tractor. Plenty of great memories from that property.

  3. My father, Vincent Junge, was Arthur M Lowes boat captain from late 1930,s to 1975 we all grew up there! What a great place to live and play!

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