When Alice’s father died, the media made much of her inheritance. She was often in the society pages of The New York Times.

One story about Alice involves Boris, King or Romania, and his visit to America in the early 1920s. Below is an “imaginary interview” with King Boris that appeared in TIMEMagazine in 1923 — in the Business & Finance section! Alice is listed as a potential rich bride for the king, along with a Rockefeller, an Astor, and a Vanderbilt.

Boris, King of Rumania: “The American press made much of a rumor that I plan to come to America in search of a wealthy wife. The Daily News, tabloid newspaper of Manhattan, was bold enough to nominate various candidates for my hand. First, Miss Millicent Rogers, who ‘ despite her industrial wealth does not look like an American. . . . When she appeared at the Southampton Street Fair … in a hindu costume. . . .’ Secondly, Miss Abby Rockefeller, ‘pretty granddaughter of the oil emperor,’ who is ‘well chaperoned by her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.’ Thirdly, Miss Alice De Lamar, late mine operator’s daughter, ‘ worth ten millions in her own right’ and ‘ reputed a beauty.’ Fourthly, Miss Alice Muriel Astor (‘five millions is not such a lot with which to model a kingdom,’ said the News, ‘ but it would be sufficient to finance a vice crusade on Sofia’s night life’). Fifthly, Mimi Brokaw, ‘ one of the season’s debutantes,’ who ‘ being extremely young, the idea of queening it over the Bulgarians might tickle her fancy.’ Last, Miss Muriel Vanderbilt, ‘ an engaging little person . . . with a sense of dignity.’



One thought on “A $10 MILLION INHERITANCE

  1. IN her later life, discovery did a show on her relative, the blockade runner. There had been some bonds discovered which were traced back to this relative. The company involved wanted a percentage for a finders fee but Miss De lamar said no and kept all of the money. I believe this occurred in the late 70’s or very early 80’s before her death.

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